Teen Mom Star Avoids Prison

Teen Mom Star Avoids PrisonTeen Mom star Amber Portwood is making headlines yet again. Turns out she failed to take her required drug test this week. However, the judge decided to not send her back to the big house but instead he has given her a different task to do.

Is it worse than jail?

Sources have revealed that the judge told Amber Portwood that she has to submit daily drug testing for an additional thirty days since she failed the urine sample on Monday. Amber obviously was not too thrilled with this so she did not just skip her drug testing but she also decided she was not going to be attending her AA meeting either. Both of these things could have led her to more jail time but for some reason they did not.

Maybe luck?

Now the judge has told Amber that she has to re-read the drug court handbook as well as write a 500 word report on her responsibilities as a drug court participant. To us this may seem like an easy task but obviously the judge thinks that it will be something hard for Amber to accomplish. Looks like we have to wait and see what the outcome will be.


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