‘Teen Mom’ Secrets Exposed

'Teen Mom' Secrets ExposedRecently we revealed that there was a Tell All book being released exposing the teen moms and this is what has been discovered so far about your favorite Teen Mom stars.

All of this is rumors at this point but we will be sure to follow up later and see what the girls have to say about the personal information that has been revealed about them.

Maci: Maci plays sweet and innocent yet when the cameras are off she is a huge manipulator and very selfish.

The book goes into further details.

Farrah: Farrah is a gold digger who has had a ton of sugar daddies take her shopping for very expensive gifts.

Amber: Amber claims that prison was no big deal for her yet while inside she had lots of women make advancements at her and even had people put glass inside of her food. Not to mention the numerous death threats sent her way.

Catelynn: Catelynn is not as perfect as everyone thinks she has an eating disorder.

Leah: Leah has been trying to stay out the spotlight but she has a big addiction to sex and alcohol.

These are all just rumors at this point as we mentioned earlier but the list goes on an on.


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