Taylor Swift’s Stalker Goes Behind Bars

Most of us think celebrities live a luxurious, care free life without any stress and worries and wish to live the Hollywood dream even for a day.

But there is always a dark side to it and oh, boy, I wonder how would we react in we found ourselves in their shoes?

Constant paparazzi squad following, flashing in their eyes, questioning or judging their every choice or decision, obsessed stalkers, death threats and the line just keeps growing, leaving us wondering should we even feel jealous of their life or vice versa?

Taylor Swift Stalker

Taylor Swift knows what we are talking about since she experienced a lot of unpleasant affairs recently but finally her heart can rest at ease as her stalker is sentenced to jail.

The 28-old singer was terrified last March when her stalker Mohammed Jaffar broke into her New York apartment building and was arrested for burglary, stalking and trespassing. After Jaffar was arrested in 2017, he was found unfit for trial and was placed in the custody of New York State Office of Mental Health.

The 30-year old stalker couldn’t shake off his obsession with the pop singer and lurked about her condo for months hoping to meet her face-to-face.

Now a year later he has been sentenced to six months jail time and five years of probation.  He pleaded guilty to attempted burglary in the second degree on Monday and the judge sentenced him on Wednesday, 16 May.  In addition to the jail time and probation, he has to continue mental health treatment in Michigan. Not Taylor has one more stalker less to worry about, but that’s merely the end of her troubles.

Is it Over?

Last week, Swift had to file a restraining order against Julius Sandrock, a 38-year-old Colorado man who was already arrested in April for stalking her and probation violation.

The police caught him in front of Swift’s home with a mask and gloves on. He had a knife and a gun and ammunition in his car. The restraining order was immediately granted for Julius to stay 500 yards from Swift, her homes and concerts. The hearing is set for June.

It seems like Swift stalkers really don’t know when enough is enough. In 2016, Andrew Hoover was arrested and sentenced to 10 years probation after stalking her and threatening to kill the singer and her entire family.

We hope the ugly period for the singer is behind her and that she could focus on her latest album “Reputation” and the current North American tour.


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