Taylor Swift devastated after break-up with Harry Styles

Taylor Swift devastated after break-up with Harry StylesThe Taylor-Harry romance has finally come to an end. We have received reports that Taylor Swift was devastated when their quick relationship ended that she even bawls herself to sleep. Aww. Poor, Taylor. We all know she has had her huge share of heartbreaks but sources said that now, she’s a mess.

However, Taylor is putting the blame on ex-beau Harry Styles and a source from said “[Taylor] is embarrassed over how people are reacting to her and her relationships, but honestly believes it’s been the guy’s fault every time.”

The then-couple have been avoiding each other and are talking to each other again is not an option anymore. Sources also say that the country singer is planning not to date someone seriously in the next few months so people could forget her track record.

Oh well, we just hope she gets to move on. Fast.


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