Taylor Swift and Kanye West Patching Things Up?

Taylor Swift and Kanye West Patching Things Up?Although the two stars are from different worlds with their feuds on stage and in the media, it seems no grudge will be held. In a fashion spread for Harper’s Bazaar (Australia), Swift is photographed and published wearing pieces from Kanye West’s first collection. Although it is not clear yet if Swift knew that she was sporting West’s designs, I’m sure we will hear about it soon enough.

The editor of Harper’s Bazaar seems to think that Swift has put the old drama behind her and forgives Kanye, so maybe she was cool with the West Frock. Maybe Swift is considering taking a rest from crooning (oh please!) and entering the fashion/modeling world, we know she has the legs for it.

We just hope Kanye and Swift don’t feel the need to collaborate on record with their new friendly relationship.


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