Tamara Ecclestone Announces She is Pregnat Already!

Tamara-EcclesstoneTamara Ecclestone only got married to her husband Jay Rutland in June, but already just three months after the big event the couple have announced Tara is 14 weeks pregnant!

The couple have been speaking to HELLO! Magazine and revealed that Tara is now 14 weeks pregnant. The 29 year old model and socialite said, “I just feel so lucky. I never imagined this all happening so quickly. It’s crazy how life works in such mysterious ways. Jay loves children and I’m really excited for the next phase of our relationship.”

Tamara’s new baby will no doubt have everything it wants, just like Tamara has had during her life as Tamara went on to say, “I think you can spoil a child with love rather than showering them with materialistic things. I want to do all the things my mother did. She always put us first and encouraged us to follow our dreams. Mum was thrilled, as was my dad. He loves babies.”

Tamara’s husband Jay, 32, is just as excited as Tamara at the news of her pregnancy. He said, “Its been an amazing year, meeting and marrying my beautiful wife. Now we are expecting our first child and looking forward to the next step together.”

It is always good to hear news stories like this and everyone at Hot Gossip would like to pass on their congratulations to Tamara Ecclestone and Jay Rutland, despite the quickness of events, after all just nine months ago Tamara and Jay were not even an item!


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