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Dr. Conrad Murray: Who Are You To Judge Me?
Dr. Conrad Murray’s secret video that was never supposed to get out to the public has now been released. It shows a recording that he made just a few days
Dr. Murray Has Not Given Up On Getting Out of Jail
Dr. Conrad Murray is now thirty pounds lighter because of so many bowel movements. He says that the cause behind him losing all of this weight is the L.A. County
Dr. Conrad Murray Shares Same Jail Block as Michael Jackson’s Ex Brother-in-Law
Sometimes the world can feel super small. Surprisingly, Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson’s former brother-in-law – James DeBarge who is Janet Jackson’s ex-husband – are in the same jail and
Why Heavy D Died
It has now been determined as to why Heavy D really died. Doctors have concluded that he died due to the fact that a deep leg vein thrombosis caused a
Finding Conrad Murray Guilty Was an Easy Decision
The jurors who found Conrad Murray all stated that this was not a hard decision at all. Matters of fact, all of them were in agreement that he should be