Stevie Wonder – Extortion Victim: Incest?

Stevie Wonder – Extortion Victim: Incest?A man has revealed himself as Stevie Wonder’s “nephew” and is now being charged with attempting to extort Stevie Wonder. He threatened to go to the media and expose the singer saying that Stevie Wonder and his sister were in an incestuous relationship. The man stated that the only way he would keep his mouth shut was if the singer decided to pay him some big bucks.

Stevie Wonder’s supposed to be nephew goes by the name of Alpha Lorenzo Walker and he was arrested on May 2nd after being busted in a sting operation. Sources have revealed that in the beginning Walker was demanding $5 million from Stevie but he later lowered his price down to $10,000.

Sources are also saying that some undercover cops met up with Walker pretending to be reps for Stevie who had the $10,000 as he requested yet they first told him that he would have to sign a document which included a section that said all of his accusations were false. Walker decided to go along and sign the contract and then he was immediately arrested.

So far all sources are saying that the claims against Stevie Wonder are completely bogus. Currently, Walker and his girlfriend are being charged with the felony crime of extortion and Walker is pleading not guilty. Also, he is being held on a $60,000 bail.


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