Stallone’s Nephew Lashes Out

Stallone's Nephew Lashes OutEdd Filiti, the nephew of actor Sylvester Stallone has accused the actor of ‘neglecting’ his son. He lashed out at the actor through a series of angry Facebook posts claiming that Stallone neglected his son Sage Stallone throughout his life.

Sage Stallone was found dead at LA in his home on Friday. In addition, Edd claims that Sage was deeply hurt and let down by his father’s lack of support towards him.

Edd also claimed that Sage only wanted to wish his father happy birthday on July 6, to which the “Rocky” star never returned the call.

Edd also claims that Sage Stallone was forever burdened by his father’s expectation and this had gradually led to Sylvester neglecting him.

An emotional Edd Filiti also said later that he took down all the posts after some time, as he never wished to insult his uncle publicly, but stated that he does still have unfinished business with him.

The authorities are still looking into the case as a possible overdose as there was no evidence to claim that it was a suicide or some other foul play.


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