Snooki Is Pregnant

Snooki Is PregnantWell it turns out that all of those rumors going around about Snooki being pregnant actually have some truth to them. Snooki has revealed that she is indeed pregnant, but she has a darn good reason as to why she was telling the press that she was not.

Snooki told the press today that the reason she lied about her pregnancy was because she did not want to jinx herself since she had not reached 3 months. However, now that she has reached the 3rd month she feels as though she is in the clear for the most part.

So, yes that is right the “Jersey Shore” star was pregnant on February 1st when she made the big scene about people stating that she was pregnant.

Currently, 24 year old Snooki does not have her baby bump yet but you can be sure that it will not be too long before the press will be snapping those cute little pictures of her and her belly.

Here we would like to say congratulations Snooki and we understand totally as to why you wanted to keep your pregnancy a secret. We do wonder what she will have, however, a boy or a girl?


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