Simon Cowell To Spend Christmas On Board His Yacht……With Sinitta And Not Pregnant Girlfriend Lauren Silverman!

Simon-CowellYou would have thought that Simon Cowell would want to spend Christmas with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman, because after all she is carrying his baby which is due early next year. But that is not the case, because Simon has invited Sinitta to spend Christmas with him, while Lauren will spend Christmas with her seven year old son Adam.

Earlier this year Sinitta revealed that she aborted Simon’s baby, a revelation that led to the pair having a massive fallout, but it appears as though they have buried the hatchet and moved on. A source close to Cowell revealed all to the Daily Mirror. They said, “Simon has forgiven Sinitta. She has always been a huge part of his life and he would never want to ruin their friendship. Lauren also respects how important Sinitta is to Simon. They will spend the day aboard his yacht, The Slipstream, which will cruise around Barbados.”

The source went on to say, “It has been a tough year for Simon and Sinitta. Simon and Lauren were both upset when she spoke about aborting his baby and it did rock the boat. But the trio have sorted out their differences and are looking forward to spending New Year together. Lauren wanted to be with her son on Christmas Day and was happy for Simon to spend it with Sinitta, her two kids and Sinitta’s partner Jason. Lauren has given it all her blessing.”

Sinitta has been part of Simon’s life for over 30 years, but the arrangements for their Christmas celebrations do seem rather strange don’t they, but everyone is entitled to their own choices and preferences are they not, or as the proverb says, “to each his own”.


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