Simon Cowell Suffers From Triskaidekaphobia!

Simon-CowellSuperstitions and phobias are part of many peoples every day lives, superstitions like walking under ladders and black cats for example, and they even have an effect on well known people too. Music mogul Simon Cowell is just one person who is superstitious and he has a fear known as triskaidekaphobia, or to you and me he is scared of the number 13!

Speaking earlier this week Cowell revealed his fear of the number 13 by saying, “I have some quirky habits. Everything about me is about numbers so for some reason I am always counting numbers in the head. Even if I walk up the stairs I am counting how many steps and if it is 13 I make sure it is not going to be 13. So the last number cannot be 13. It can’t be 67 either because 6 and 7 adds up to 13. So I will walk an extra step. It is a kind of sign of madness actually.”

The fear of the number 13 is known as triskaidekaphobia and Simon is worried that his unborn child will be born on the 13th of February. At least next month doesn’t come with a Friday 13th so that is one less thing for Simon to worry about, and no doubt Simon will do everything in his power to make sure Lauren Silverman does not give birth on Thursday 13th February as well.


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