Simon Cowell “I Wish I Had Been Born Gay”

Simon-CowellSimon Cowell has always been known for being a smooth operator and has always had a host of gorgeous looking women on his arm whenever he is seen in public, but really he wishes he was gay as it would have saved him a fortune over the years!

Cowell, 53, is expecting his first child with his current lady friend Lauren Silverman, but he has had a string of high profile flings and affairs in the past with the likes of Sinitta, Dannii Minogue and Terri Seymour to name but three. In a recent interview with TV present Terri Seymour he was asked if he ever feared he would lose everything and end up bankrupt to which he replied, “Yes, particularly when I’ve had girlfriends like you lot!”

Cowell went on to add, “I said to someone the other day that I wish I had been born gay. I would have saved a fortune.” Despite his tongue in cheek remarks, or were they tongue in cheek, Simon has admitted he might finally be ready to settle down and get married. He said, “I’m not ruling anything out in the future. If you asked me a year ago, at my age am I going to have a baby, I probably would have said ‘no’ so you’ve just got to take each day as it comes now. Whatever feels right you should do.”

Exactly Simon whatever feels right you should do and if that involves you dating men instead of women then you should you go for it! Seriously though if more people took Simon’s advice and did whatever feels right the world would surely be a much better place.


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