Sharon OSbourne Returns To The X Factor Judging Panel In “Flamboyant” Mood

sharon-osbourneIt seems only five minutes ago that the hit ITV1 show The X-Factor was on our screens, in fact it was six months ago now that James Arthur was crowned the latest winner, but already auditions are well under way for the latest series which is due to hit our screens in August. The first round of auditions took place in Glasgow earlier this week and returning judge Sharon Osbourne has wasted no time in returning from where she left off in 2007, laughing and giggling her way through numerous poor acts.

A source told the Sun Newspaper that Sharon was “flamboyant” on her return to the show. They said, “Sharon certainly made the most of her comeback. She sat in the middle of the panel and had something flamboyant to say about every act.”

Not sure how Nicole will feel about Sharon hogging the limelight as last year she was certainly the centre of attention most weeks. The source went on to add, “Nicole enjoyed being the wacky one who would say silly things and get loads of attention last year, but in Glasgow she struggled to get into the limelight as Sharon was always hogging it. Nicole likes Sharon but has got to raise her game or she’ll end up on the cutting room floor.”

So after just one audition the two female judges appear to be fighting it out to see who can become the centre of attention. It promises to be a bumpy ride, but the smart money will be on Sharon Osbourne out witting her younger counterpart.


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