Shannen Doherty Helped A Possibly Suicidal Fan

Shannen Doherty Helped A Possibly Suicidal FanShannen Doherty went out of her way to help a fan of hers who was possibly suicidal on Sunday night. The fan was exchanging tweets with the actress, some of which were too disturbing for Doherty. She communicated with police across the country to check on the fan and make sure that she would not harm herself, TMZ reported.

The L.A.-based actress contacted the Westampton Township Police Department in New Jersey late Sunday night. She reported that she has been receiving many disturbing tweets from the fan. In one of the tweets, she threatened to kill herself unless the actress gave her a phone call. Doherty even believed that the fan was in possession of a gun.

Doherty had managed to converse with the fan so she would reveal her address. When she got her address, the cops immediately headed to the woman’s home. The police were met by her family members who said that the woman was at home in her room.

The 27-year old fan spoke with the cops and insisted that she would not harm herself. There was also no evidence that she would inflict harm on herself. Officers offered the woman medical attention, which was declined. But the officers only left after determining that the woman was safe in the care of her family.

Doherty later tweeted and thanked the officers at Westampton PD for “being diligent and so reassuring”.


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