Sean Kingston Only Borrowed The Car!

Sean Kingston Only Borrowed The Car!Sean Kingston is lying because Justin Bieber did not give him his customized Fisker Karma as a gift.

The 22 year old rapper, singer and songwriter began the fuss in front of the Boa Steakhouse located in Hollywood this weekend when he showed up to the restaurant in Bieber’s chromed out ride and told the press that JB gave it to him as a friendship gift.  Sources said that Kingston said that Justin gave him his Fisker Karma because he was already bored with it.

The car was a gift that JB got as an 18th birthday present from Scooter Braun, his manager.

However, some sources that are close to Justin Bieber have told us that what Sean Kingston said was a total lie. Sean only asked Justin if he could borrow the super expensive vehicle to go to dinner because Justin was on tour and because JB was a good friend, he said yes.

The car is now back in the garage of Justin and we think Kingston’s “borrowing” privileges have been revoked.

The rapper’s rep said that he was just kidding when he stated that Justin gave him the car. Well, I hope this does not ruin their friendship though.


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