Sam Smith Comes Out as Non Binary

Famous pop singer Sam Smith has opened up about his gender identity in an interview with the Actress Jameela Jamil for the first time.

Smith About Gender Identity

The Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Sam Smith, came out as gender non-binary saying “I’m not male or female. I think I float somewhere in between” on Jameela Jamil’s new Instagram show “I Weigh Interviews”.

He explained his reactions when people used the words non-binary and genderqueer and their meanings and he immediate thought was “That’s me!” Although gender-nonconforming individuals prefer pronouns that are gender-neutral “they” and “them”, Smith still prefers “he” and “him”.

In the same interview, he explained that he came out as gay at 10 and stopped wearing male clothes at 16. He wore fur and makeup to school and was always open about his sexuality.

“I’ve always been very free in terms of thinking about my sexuality, so I’ve just tried to change that into my thoughts on gender as well,” he explained. He added he thinks like a woman sometimes and he even considered a sex change.

In an interview with The Sunday Times in 2017, he said that he doesn’t know the name for it but that he felt just as much a woman as he felt a man so the news was not a surprise to us. It’s wonderful that people can come out as they are.

Smith About Life

Sam also addressed body image and confidence with Jamaal. He revealed that he had liposuction at the age of 12 after a doctor discovered he was developing breasts because his body was storing high levels of estrogen there. He has achieved greater self-acceptance over the years and believes that you are just you, your own creation.

Smith added he still struggles in some areas. “Now I’m 26, when it comes to money and success I feel like a 40-year-old. When it comes to my romantic life and personal relationships with my body and my head, I feel like a confused 16-year-old boy, so it’s hard.”

The singer won an Oscar for best original song for the 007 Spectre theme tune in 2016 and dedicated his award to the LGBT community all over the world with the words:

“I stand here as a proud gay man and I hope we can one day still stand together as equals.”


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