Russell Brand’s Parting Words to Ex-Wife Katy Perry

Russell Brand Parting Words to Ex-Wife Katy PerryCelebrated British comedian Russell Brand has admitted he was ready to settle down and raise a family with American pop singer Katy Perry.

Russell and Katy parted ways last year December after the relationship came to an abrupt end. “It was not the right for both of us to parent a child“, the comedian admitted.

Despite the break up, Russell seems to have very fond memories of his former wife, and go on counting Katy’s captivating virtues as he emotionally states; “at times you do not know why some events must take place in life”.

The marriage that was officially dissolved last week shocked many of the couple’s friends who were convinced that they’d eventually work things out.

Russell have put all speculations aside as he has now confirmed to be dating Isabella Brewster, a former talent promoter. Russell is yet to confirm if he is ready to settle down with the former showbiz agent.


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