Rosie and Her Big Mouth

Rosie O'Donnell and Her Big MouthYes, we are referring to Rosie O’Donnell and her insults she hurled at Lindsay Lohan on live T.V. As it was confirmed that Lohan will be portraying Liz Taylor in the upcoming bio film, Rosie went a bit hot off the handle. The insults were numerous and with a flame, one can only guess Rosie is a sore loser, in someone else’s gain. Since Rosie was axed off the new Oprah network and has failed in the talk show scene, she’s a bit sore.

She said that Lohan hasn’t completed anything good since she was sixteen. Lohan’s father came out with guns blazing at Rosie after her public comments and pointed out that Rosie is a failure. He also mentioned that while Lindsay has had her drama, she is doing better. One of Rosie’s snubs was that Lohan wasn’t capable nor ready to take on work, especially the Taylor portrayal.

Liz Taylor was a star for over six decades, with many, many marriages to boast her presence in Hollywood and in the media. Not saying that her acting wasn’t fantastic and emotional but we think Lohan can pull it together… so long as no more phony “incidents” pull her down.


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