Rodney King: Friends Do Not Believe His Death Story

Two of Rodney King’s close friends said that they feel as though his finance is telling a lie when it comes to the events that took place before his death. They are so sure that she is lying that they have even went to the police and told them so as well.

According to Rodney King’s finance Cynthia Kelly, Rodney King woke her up out of her sleep with his banging on one of their home windows just after 5 am on Sunday morning. She then states that not to long after that she heard a splash in the pool – Rodney King falling in.

The strange part is Kelly is said to have told the story at least several times yet each time she tells the story she always changes some of the details which to them makes it seem as though she is trying to cover something up or just plain out lying.

Another thing is two of Kelly’s friends happened to have spoken with her just a few hours after her finances death and they have also gone and spoke with detectives. According, to our source the detective is said to have written down their statements and is supposed to be following back up with them at a later date.

According to the police department, however, they are not suspecting foul play because they did not see any signs. However, they will be investigating the drowning further as well as eventually getting around to an autopsy.


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