Robin Thicke Insists He Is Not A Twerker!

Robin-Thicke-Miley-CyrusAt the end of August Robin Thicke was making the headlines for all the wrong reasons, after his performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in which he and Miley Cyrus demonstrated the art of ‘twerking’. He has now spoken about the incident in an interview with Oprah Winfrey claiming he does not twerk!

Speaking about the incident Thicke, 36, said, “Well, I was on stage, I didn’t see it. So to me, I’m walking out toward Miley, I’m not thinking sex, I’m thinking fun. …I’m singing my butt off. I’m singing and I’m looking at the sky and I’m singing and I’m not really paying attention to all that. That’s on her.”

Thicke was then asked he he enjoys twerking, to which he replied, “People ask me if I twerk, and I’m like, Listen, I’m the twerkee. I don’t twerk. I’m just twerked upon.”

What do you think, is Robin Thicke a twerker or a twerkee? Lets us know your thoughts, but one thing is for sure where ever Robin Thicke appears he will always be remembered for that ‘incident’ with Miley Cyrus no matter how hard he tries to forget it!


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