Robert Pattinson Loves Nothing More than Drawing Dresses!

Robert-PattinsonTwilight star Robert Pattinson has openly admitted that he would like to design dresses for a living, but he is worried he could be embarrassed!

Pattinson, 27, revealed all to Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Arabia about his love of drawing dresses. He said, “I want to get more involved with the industry. I really like it. I like drawing couture dresses. I started doing it and was like, ‘What is happening?’ Suddenly I had a sketchbook full of dresses. I actually really want to do it. Though it could be incredibly embarrassing.”

Perhaps his love of sketching and drawing goes back to his childhood, because as a youngster Pattinson was “obsessed” with Kate Moss. He said, “I was obsessed. It was a bit ridiculous. The other poster I had up was Linda Blair in ‘The Exorcist’. They were my two options – a little girl possessed and Kate Moss.”

It is always good to add another string to your bow and if the acting work dries up R-Patz could be the next big male designer, though in saying that no-one has actually seen his sketches yet!


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