Robbie Williams Takes Unusual Steps To Combat Weight Issues

rsz_1robbie_willaimsWeight issues are something that many of us struggle with and the former Take That star Robbie Williams is no different from anyone else, but he has come up with a plan to solve his weight issue by not eating at all!

Robbie has had issues with his weight in the past, but since Christmas he has stuck to his new eating regime. Speaking during an interview with the Australian radio station Mix 94.5 Robbie said, “My secret is not eating. Christmas was just a vast array of chocolate and cake and sugar and carbohydrates. I knew I was doing promo in Australia and I did a rather unhealthy thing of not eating. My regime so far this year is to have a big breakfast and then two protein shakes for the rest of the day.”

Robbie admits when he is at home he struggles to stay away from the sweet treats as he said, “My life used to be about sex, drugs and rock and now and it’s now about cake. When I’m not on tour, I’m at home eating crisps and cake and watching reality TV, and if I do it for too long without doing an album I end up wearing an elasticated waist band or a kaftan as I go really fat and I grow a beard and look like a killer. So I have to release an album to stop me being morbidly obese.”

We get the picture Robbie as we all like cake from time to time, though we are not sure about the Simon Cowell style of an elasticated waist band being good for the image.


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