Robbie Williams Signs Girls Bum During Swedish Concert

Robbie-WilliamsMeeting your idol is what dreams are made of, and getting them to sign their autograph for you is the ultimate for many people. That’s exactly what happened in Sweden at the weekend when a Robbie Williams fan got to meet her idol and collect his autograph, but it was an autograph with a difference as he signed her bum during the middle of his latest concert.

Lone Martinsen, 22, from Sweden was at Robbie Williams’ “Take The Crown” concert in Gothenburg at the weekend when the incident occurred. Lone took a banner to the concert which read, “Please sign my butt so I can tattoo it”. Robbie saw the sign and dragged Lone up onto the stage and got her to drop her shorts so he could fulfill her personal request.

Lone said, “It is fantastic. But I had a sleepless night though as I dared not shower and it was very hot. I’ve been a big fan for 12 years. To meet him is completely unreal.” Lone also admitted that after the event Robbie had said to her, “Your ass is amazing.”

It certainly puts a whole new perspective on the term ‘autograph hunter’ doesn’t it. Let’s just hope that Lone managed to get to the Tattooist before the signature faded away!


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