Robbie Williams Calls On Gary Barlow In His Hour Of Need!

Robbie-WilliamsDuring the 1990’s when Take That were at their peak Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams were at loggerheads, and the pair had an extremely tense relationship which ultimately saw Robbie leave the band. Things have certainly mellowed since then with Robbie claiming whenever he needs help Gary is the first person he turns to!

Speaking to the Daily Star Robbie said, “I always call Gary, he can sort out any personal dilemma. Oh my lord, he’s like a Swiss army knife. I needed something desperately the other night, I can’t say what, but he sorted it out in a matter of minutes.”

We are not sure what was so urgent the other night that Robbie needed to call Gary to help, but he clearly wasn’t ill because he if was he would call on Sir Elton John to help. He added, “If I ever had man flu I would want Elton John to nurse me. He could make me chicken soup and come over and stroke my head.”

It is a little disconcerting imagining the image of Sir Elton John stroking Robbie Williams’ head, but if that would make Robbie feel better then so be it!


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