Rita Ora Admits To Having A Crush On Which One Direction Band Member?

RIta-OraWhen it comes to attracting the attention of women the five members of boy band One Direction certainly have to deal with their fair share, with young girls screaming at just the slightest glimpse. Even well known pop stars are now admitting they have a crush on them too, with Rita Ora admitting she has a crush on Harry Styles!

Rita Ora, 22, is in a long term relationship with Calvin Harris, but in a recent interview with Top of the Pops Magazine she admitted to her crush. She said, “Yeah! But it’s not like I’m ever going to do anything – no! Everyone has a crush. I mean, me and the whole music industry probably have a crush on Harry Styles!”

Do they Rita honestly? The “R.I.P” and “Shine Ya Light” singer went on to add, “Everyone’s acting like it’s a shock, but I’m sorry, I think I’m just the only one admitting it! I like his hair! I just think he’s funny and cute!”

Not sure how Calvin Harris will take to Rita’s confession, but Harry Styles will probably be lapping up all the extra attention surrounding his name this morning.


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