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R.I.P. Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence
Metal music fans are in mourning as Mitch Lucker, lead singer of Suicide Silence, was pronounced dead yesterday. The singer died in a terrible motorcycle accident on Wednesday night in Huntington Beach, California. Lucker was only 28 years old. Huntington Beach
Michael Clarke Duncan’s Death Saddens Movie Industry
Celebrities are now mourning the death of Oscar nominee Michael Clarke Duncan, who passed away on Monday. The 54-year old star of the movie “Green Mile” died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. His passing had shocked the public,
Tony Scott Commits Suicide, Jumps Off Bridge
Famous Hollywood director Tony Scott plunged to his death as he jumped off a Los Angeles Bridge on Sunday at around 12:30 pm. The 68-year old director was the brother of famous director, Ridley Scott. Tony Scott directed Top Gun,
Sylvester Stallone Hires Sleuth To Probe Son’s Death
To put an end to widespread speculation about the sudden and mysterious death of his 36-year old son Sage, Sylvester Stallone has hired famous Private Investigator, Scott Ross to conduct an in-depth probe. TMZ released a statement from Stallone Sr.
Rodney King: Friends Do Not Believe His Death Story
Two of Rodney King’s close friends said that they feel as though his finance is telling a lie when it comes to the events that took place before his death. They are so sure that she is lying that they