Rihanna’s New Bling, Chris Brown’s New Ink

Rihanna's New Bling, Chris Brown's New InkAre RiRi and Chris Brown back in each other’s arms?

Rihanna was seen departing from a restaurant in California wearing her newest accessory – a set of gold grills just like the ones her ex, Chris Brown has.

The “Where are You Now” singer has revealed her teeth accessory which basically looks the same as those worn by her then boyfriend, Chris Brown. Riri showed up in Giorgio Baldi, one of her favourite restaurants located in Santa Monica last September 9, 2012, Tuesday.

The fashion accessory which is popularly known as grill or grills is usually sported by men in the hip hop community as a sign of wealth. The couple reportedly broke up last 2009 because of the famous beating incident. A lot of people have interpreted that Riri’s decision of wearing her gold grills as a sign that she and Chris Brown are now back in each other’s arms.

Rihanna described Chris Brown as the love of her life during her latest interview with Oprah Winfrey. The couple also shared a quick smooch at last week’s MTV Video Music Awards and this lead to more rumours and speculations that they are really back together.

Chris Brown, 23, also caused a huge controversy this week after he unveiled a brand new ink on his neck that quite resembled his 24 year old ex-girlfriend. Breezy denied that the tattoo was dedicated to his ex and his rep said that his tattoo was a sugar skull. A lot of people would agree that it resembles Rihanna though.


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