Rihanna in Relationship with Saudi Businessman Hassan Jameel

After failed relationships with Chris Brown and Drake, Rihanna has a new relationship with Hassan Jameel.

After a few-month-speculations about who this gorgeous Barbadian beauty was dating, the hot tub pictures of the couple making out emerged just last month. The romance is not brand new as the celebrity world previously assumed since it’s been going on in secret for five months now.

Who is Hassan?

This Saudi businessman is a 29-year-old billionaire who owns the sole right to sell Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia and has an entire soccer league named after him. He has travelled the world to represent his family’s business interests being a deputy president and vice chairman of the company. He met many famous people including British royalty. Hassan Jameel’s family is said to be worth $1.5 billion.

Hassan is a good-looking man with great personal qualities and is no stranger to hooking up with famous women. Back in the days he dated the model Naomi Campbell, who is said to be angry with RiRi for publicly expressing feelings with her ex.

Drake Not Happy with RiRi’s Public Displays of Hassan Romance

The famous rapper can’t seem to let go of Rihanna and still sees her as a part of his future.

Drake dated the Barbadian pop queen on few separate occasions and despite the messy breakups, he still hopes to reconcile with her. The source said Drake wasn’t thrilled with the two dating and made his feelings clear to his close circle of friends. He is jealous and thinks Hassan doesn’t deserve Rihanna.

“Drake thinks Rihanna is one of the baddest chicks ever and he doesn’t think this new guy deserves her at all,” says the insider.

But Rihanna doesn’t seem to care about any of it and continues her pursuit of happiness.

Rihanna’s Ideal Guy

On various separate occasions, Rihanna was quoted describing her ideal lover in terms of personality rather than in terms of physical traits.

She has very strong opinions about her potential man. Rihanna likes her man to be cultured, to speak several foreign languages or to have vast knowledge about other parts of the world, history and artists. A guy doesn’t have to boast a degree but a set of skills, knowledge or experience and to be guided by a premise that learning is a never-ending process. Rihanna herself likes to be taught and to improve herself. And as if that wasn’t enough, RiRi doesn’t like casual sex.

So guys, if you can meet the criteria and think you have what it takes to snatch RiRi’s heart, just stand in line.


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