Rihanna and Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Are Not on Good Terms

Rihanna and Chris Brown's Girlfriend Are Not on Good TermsWe all know that Rihanna and Chris Brown made a song together, but as far as Karrueche Tran – his current girlfriend – is concerned their relationship ends right there. Karrueche Tran has been with Chris Brown since January and she has shared some not so pleasant words with Rihanna via Facebook. Tran told Rihanna “I’m Angeline [sic], you’re Jen. C’mon you see where Brad is at,” to make it extra clear that any thoughts that Rihanna may have had running through her mind are not going to happen.

However, the reason Tran got into this mood was because Rihanna tweeted a photo that appeared to be a racist jab towards her – Tran is half Vietnamese. The photo showed a bag of rice cakes wearing gold earrings and black shades with the remark “Ima make u my b*****”. Then, on Tuesday Rihanna decided that she wanted to tweet some lyrics from “Quiet Storm” remix which seemed that she was talking about Tran yet again.

However, we are not sure how Rihanna will react now that Chris has revealed that he and Rihanna are just friends and he is not cheating on his girlfriend. We all know that Rihanna likes to live dangerous, but is she really going to keep chancing her luck with Tran?


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