Rihanna and Chris Brown Have Ended Their Twitter Relationship

Rihanna and Chris Brown Have Ended Their Twitter RelationshipRihanna is obviously fed up with Chris Brown as she is no longer following him on Twitter and he returned the favor by deleting her as a follower as well.

Rihanna ended their Twitter relationship the second she heard the remix to Kanye West’s Theraflu Remix. Chris Brown has a verse in the song where he says, “Don’t ***k with my old *****es…like a bad fur..every industry n***a done had her,” and also he states, “Trick or treat like a pumpkin….just to smash her.”

After hearing this Rihanna obviously thought Chris Brown was referring to her and she decided there was no need to keep holding on to something that obviously wasn’t going to work out. Chris Brown knew what feeling Rihanna must have been having because he decided that it would be wise to tweet a message at her to let her know what was really on his mind. His tweet stated, “Assumptions! I didn’t say any names so if you took offense it is something you feel guilty about.” Later down the line Rihanna then tweeted back, “That’s cuz her name iz Rihanna”.

Attempts have been made to reach Rihanna’s rep but so far the rep has had nothing to say.


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