Rihanna and Chris Brown: Back Together Again?

Rihanna and Chris Brown: Back Together Again?Professionally the two are back together. We even have the evidence to prove it…they have made two brand new songs for fans. Remember back at Rihanna’s birthday party the two were seen together intimately. So, there is no surprise that this is taking place. However, it has only been three years since Rihanna took one of Chris Brown’s beatings.

Both of the new songs have hit the internet. Rihanna and Chris Brown have both been promoting them hard via Twitter. Many fans are thinking that the rumors have been proven in regards to Rihanna forgiving Chris Brown and deciding to move forward. Not to mention the fact when Chris Brown tweeted “Happy Birthday” to Rihanna she actually replied back to him.

Currently, however, Chris Brown is in Miami and Rihanna is in London. Also, Chris Brown currently has a girlfriend by the name of Karrieche Tran so Rihanna may not even be interested in him romantically. He is said to be very happy in his relationship yet we do have to wonder whether or not he will give it all up to have another chance with Rihanna. Once they were happily in love.


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