Review of Criminal Case against Mel Gibson, Ongoing said DA

Review of Criminal Case against Mel Gibson, Ongoing said DADistrict attorney of Los Angeles articulates a review of Mel Gibson’s domestic violence allegations is ongoing following a meeting among actor’s attorney and the prosecutors.

 District Attorney Steve Cooley’s statement didn’t point out when the prosecutors will decide whether to continue the accusation against the Academy Award winner. During a fight in January 2010, Gibson’s ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva alleges the veteran actor and director of striking her.

Gibson’s attorney laid details about the accusations during the meeting on Tuesday says Cooley. His testimony didn’t address Gibson’s allegations that Grigorieva tried to extract him.

The ex-couple was locked up in a bitter custody debate over their infant daughter for months.

We all hope that things will be cleared up for both parties. Hey, it is yet to proven. We just need to spend some time and review all the necessary information before concluding.


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