Reese Witherspoon Admits Her Mother Embarrasses Her On Twitter All The Time

rsz_reese_witherspoonParents regularly embarrass their children don’t they, especially teenagers, but when you are 37 and your parents still embarrass you things can get a little awkward. That’s exactly what’s happening to Reese Witherspoon at the moment as the Legally Blonde actress has confessed her mother regularly uses Twitter to embarrass her.

Witherspoon was speaking to the ‘Tonight’ host Jimmy Fallon about her mother Betty as she said, “My mum texts me bizarre questions like, ‘What should I tweet? Should I get new head shots? Should I take acting classes?’ And I’m like, ‘Mom you’re a paediatric nurse.’ It’s weird.”

Weird behaviour from Reece Witherspoon’s mother indeed, but that is what parents are good at regardless of how old their children maybe, and Reese has three of her own children who no doubt will be on the receiving end of similar embarrassment as they grown up!


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