Rebel Wilson Speaks Out After Winning Her Defamation Case

Rebel Wilson is in the spotlight again after opening up about her defamation case against Bauer Media on Sunday Night.

Rebel with a Cause

During an interview with Melissa Doyle on Sunday Night, Rebel got emotional and explained how articles that appeared in magazines published by Bauer Media damaged her career.

The German publisher of Woman’s Day, Australian Women’s Weekly, OK! And NW magazine published eight articles in May 2015 saying that Rebel lied about her age, family upbringing and even her name.

Her world crashed within 24 hours and everything she had worked really hard for her whole life, shattered in pieces. It was really stressful to be in a middle of a scandal, she explained, but it was rather malicious of them to intentionally hurt her like that.

“People were calling me a liar and a fake, and for someone like me who’s so candid and authentic, it was just probably the most devastating thing they could have said to me.”

She was at the peek at the time since her movie Pitch Perfect was No1 at the box office and she believed her hard work had paid off and then the articles came out and ruined her reputation. She lost two movie roles because of magazine’s lies.

Rebel Won the Case

This 37-year-old Australian actress has a law degree from the University of NSW and after a year of silence from movie makers, she knew she had to take legal action.

She accused the Bauer Media for “an intentional takedown” and provided evidence from her family albums that what she said about upbringing was true and that she adopted legally her family nickname Rebel as her name in 2002.

Considering her age, she didn’t lie about it but simply decided not to reveal it. An all-female jury reached a unanimous verdict in June that the publisher did defame her in those articles.

In September, the court ruled that Bauer Media pay Rebel Wilson $4.56 million, the highest defamation payout in Australian History. Rebel also said that Bauer Media is now complaining on the amount and trying to get it reduced which is really gross considering she is giving the money to charity.

Rebel got back to work and we can expect to see our favorite comedian in Pitch Perfect 3 coming out on December 22 and in Nasty Woman with Anne Hathaway, the remake of 1988 classic Dirty Rotten Scoundrels coming out next year.


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