Real Hustle Star Jessica-Jane Clement Reveals All For Charity

jessica-jane-clementThere are many different ways to raise money for charity like doing a sponsored walk up Mount Everest for example, or taking a rowing boat across The Atlantic Ocean. The trouble is these have been done before, and will no doubt be done again, and also they take up a lot of time, but they are extremely rewarding challenges for all concerned and they are challenges that have raised millions of pounds over the years. One celebrity though has come up with a novel way to raise money for her favourite charity and that is to post pictures of herself on her Twitter account.

You may think that posting pictures of yourself is not a very novel way of raising money, but when you add that the pictures are a set of Real Hustle star Jessica Jane Clement removing her clothes you start to sit up and take notice, well the men do! For every £500 raised Jessica promised to remove another piece of her clothing, in the hope of raising £10,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). Not only that she promised everyone who donated at least £20 a signed photographed of herself!

Yes you guessed it the money came rolling in! It took a week to reach the halfway stage, but the campaign gathered momentum at such a rate that just three days later she surpassed her target, and the money is still coming!

Jessica, 28, posted the following message on her Twitter account on Wednesday of this week thanking everyone who donated. The message read, “Wanna thank you all for helping me exceed £10,000 for GOSH! And a special thanks to my hubby for taking all the pics!”

Her followers are also happy as the tweets have been pouring in and here are just a few. Paul wrote, “Look what arrived today (*^﹏^*) I’m framing this! Thanks.” Another one from Scott said, “Officially the happiest person alive. Thanks.” Niall was also another happy donor tweeting, “Just received my photo from @KissJessicaJane Made my day! Thanks!”

Jessica also tweeted the following message earlier this morning, “Aaaw, the hubby is taking me away for the weekend as a treat for raising money for GOSH!! I should take everyone who donated with me!!”

Now if that were true she would raise a million in no time at all!


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