Randy Travis: My Ex – Wife Is A Scam Artist

Randy Travis: My Ex – Wife Is A Scam ArtistRandy Travis – country music star – is claiming that his ex-wife and manager for thirty years has sabotaged his career. According, to the new legal documents that have been filed his ex – wife came up with a plot to not only ruin his career but to also scam him out of money that he worked very hard for.

Randy Travis has now filed a lawsuit against Elizabeth Travis for breaching the contract that they had in place by running around town running how mouth exposing very personal details about him in order to ruin his career. So far, Randy Travis has not went into detail as to what personal information Elizabeth Travis has been revealing but from the sound of it more than likely it is something that is pretty embarrassing for him.

When it comes to the money scamming part Travis is saying that Elizabeth is very conniving. Supposedly, she was using inflated travel reimbursement requests to get over on him as well. However, Elizabeth is counter suing Randy saying that he was the one to breach the contract when he canned her back in 2011. So, she is expected her full management fee from him.


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