Randy Jackson Decides To Leave ‘Idol’

Randy Jackson Decides To Leave 'Idol'Hit TV show “American Idol” will have yet another judge’s seat vacated as long-time judge Randy Jackson decides to leave the show. The music icon has been a judge of the AI from when it first started in 2002. It has been speculated that he might be leaving as judge, but will still be part of the show as a new mentor, as TMZ has claimed.

Before reports of Jackson’s departure, fellow judges, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have already announced their departure. The reports of Jackson’s departure is rumored to have come from sources connected to the show. There are also reports that many are apprehensive about having Jackson as mentor as he is not well-suited for the role. But producers have decided to keep him because “he’s the glue that helps keep the show together,” reports have said.

Not long ago, singer Mariah Carey has been confirmed to take a seat at the judges’ table. Other personalities linked to the final round-up of judges are Nicki Minaj, P. Diddy and Kanye West. Only Carey has been considered a done deal for the show, but not quite for Carey herself. She still has to decide whether it’s the right choice for her.

As for the show, they are hoping that Minaj and Carey will hit it off right as Minaj will be most likely to sign with the show in a matter of weeks. Technically, there are now four vacated seats at AI’s judges’ table and a country music star is rumored to take one of them. Other stars considered for the roster of judges are Nick Jonas, Keith Urban, Pharrell Williams and one of the former advisers on rival singing contest, X-Factor USA, Enrique Iglesias.


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