Professor Green Strongly Denies Rumours About Marriage Breakdown To Millie Mackintosh

Professor-GreenMusician Professor Green and Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh have only been married four months and already rumours are surfacing that the couples marriage is on rocky ground, but Green strongly denies such claims.

Heat Magazine ran an article last week claiming the couples marriage was on rocky ground after Millie had reverted to her maiden name on Twitter. A source spoke to Heat Magazine saying, “It’s like the magic has already worn off. Without all the fun of red carpets and a wedding to plan, it’s like they’re facing facts: marriage is HARD. They really love each other, but it’s not so much of a fairytale any more.”

Green has responded to the claims and to say he is not happy is a little bit of an understatement. He took to his Twitter account to release his anger in a series of tweets and started off by saying, “Because we choose to not live out our relationship in the public eye wherever possible…and we don’t show up to the opening of an envelope hence not giving you much to write about…it doesn’t give you the right to print malicious and unfounded BS about us or our relationship.”

Strong words from the Professor, who finished off by saying, “Lastly your source is rubbish, none of our friends would speak a word to bottom feeders such as yourself.”

It appears as though Heat Magazine may have touched a nerve, but in the last 24 hours Millie has posted pics of her husband and her brand new kitchen which would indicate everything is fine in the marriage of Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green.


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