Professor Green Rules Out Selling Photos Of Wedding To Glossy Magazines

professor-greenEarlier this year we brought you the news that Rapper Professor Green and Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh were engaged to be married later this year. By all accounts the wedding plans are going well, but one thing that will most definitely not be on the couples wedding list is a photo shoot with a magazine.

Professor Green, 29, whose real name is Stephen Paul Manderson has hit out at couples who try to profit from their wedding day by selling photos to the glossy magazines. Speaking yesterday Green said, “Definitely f***ing not. No f***ing way. It’s a wedding. It’s one of the most personal days of your life, why the f*** would you sell that? I’m not into that s***.”

Strong words from Professor Green and ones that are good to hear. A wedding should be a happy day for friends and family, and couples who insist on selling the rights to their special day are purely doing it for the money, oh and to get a few extra column inches as well no doubt.

As for Professor Green’s stag night it appears as though it is going to be somewhat of a free for all as Green has given his mates carte blanche to do what they want. He said “I’m not having a finger, let alone a hand in it. I’m just letting the lads do whatever they want to me. I look forward to it, as long as I’m not chained to a naked midget.”

Not sure Millie would agree with you there Professor, but it promises to be a good night by the sounds of it. You can guarantee there will be pictures of that night posted somewhere, and most probably in the press too.


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