President Obama Supports Gay Marriage

President Obama Supports Gay MarriageCelebrities have been having some very interesting responses after it has been revealed that the President has endorsed gay marriage. This is a record really, because this happens to be the first time in the history of the United States that this has happened.

ABC News held an interview with President Obama and he stated, “I think same sex couple should be able to get married.” Furthermore, the President continued to explain that over the past several years he has talked to a variety of people within his circles and was able to find out that many of his employees, soldiers and neighbors were currently in committed monogamous relationships (same sex relationships) and they were even raising kids. However, President Obama feels as though these people should be able to commit themselves in marriage and has concluded that it is now time for him to affirm that same sex couple should be able to get married.

Many of you probably already are aware that Vice President Joe Biden reveled that he supported gay marriage just a few days ago which was obviously the hint that President Obama would be the next supporter even though he has somehow managed to avoid discussing the topic for quite some time now.

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