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Vince Vaughn Responds to Backlash Over Shaking Trump’s Hand
Vince Vaughn has addressed his handshake and conversation with President Donald Trump earlier this year in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. It's About the Respect The “Wedding Crashers” star has finally spoken up about the criticism he faced in January
Jay-Z Supports Obama’s Decisions
Jay-Z has revealed that he feels the same way as President Obama when it comes to gay marriage. He states that he is a strong believer that gay people deserve the right to get married just as anyone else does.
President Obama Supports Gay Marriage
Celebrities have been having some very interesting responses after it has been revealed that the President has endorsed gay marriage. This is a record really, because this happens to be the first time in the history of the United States
Neil Patrick Harris Plans to Get Married
Actor Neil Patrick Harris is one of many to voice their happiness after news that the New York Senate passed the Marriage Equality Bill. Harris has often spoken out about his wish to marry his partner, David Burtka. So once
Mariah Carey was Hired by the Gadhafi Family
Mariah Carey has joined the rank of stars who’ve now spoken out to defend the fact that they accepted large payments from the Gadhafi family. Mariah Carey has claimed she wasn’t aware of who was hiring her, she didn’t realize