Playboy Mansion Spa Causes a Disease Outbreak!

Playboy Mansion Spa Causes a Disease Outbreak!Los Angeles County health officials have released the results of investigations that took place after a number of guests fell ill after attending an event at the Playboy Mansion. The DomainFest’s Feb.1-3 conference culminated in a fund-raising event which was held at the Playboy Mansion.

The Los Angeles County public health officials managed to contact 439 people, of which 123 had fallen sick with fever and at least one other symptom, such as headache, cough, shortness of breath, or aches. Sixty-nine people fell sick on the same day as the party and three were tested positive for H1N1 flu. Although it can’t be confirmed that the Playboy Mansion was the definite source, officials concluded that exposure to the Playboy Mansion “was associated with increased risk for illness” as legionella bacteria was found in the water at the Playboy Mansion.

Investigators deployed an unusual method by taking advantage of social media, as those who attended the conference had traveled from 30 different countries. Health investigators made use of blogs, Twitter and Facebook to send out an online survey to all the 715 people who attended the conference.


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