Phillip Phillips: My Kidneys Can Wait Until the Show Is Over

Phillip Phillips: My Kidneys Can Wait Until the Show Is OverPhillip Phillips is one of the contestants in American Idol and is not letting his kidney get in the way of him participating in the show. This is one contestant that is head strung on staying full term. Not to mention the fact that he has undergone a very painful medical procedure.

For those of you who do not know, Phillip Phillips has a history of kidney stones – a long one of that. Matter of fact, just last week he had to be rushed to the hospital because of his complaints of intense abdominal pain.

Sources have revealed that while he was there he had to have a procedure done that required a stent to be installed inside of his kidney to help alleviate the blockage that the kidney stones caused him.

The most shocking thing about this guy is stents are beyond painful. The type pain he is experiencing should make it very hard for him to stay in the singing competition. However, Phillip Phillips’ dad has said that he wants him to stay in the competition for as long as he can. He also reveals that he understands his pain yet the stent will not come out until the show is done.


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