Pharrell Williams Defends Miley Cyrus Over Recent Behaviour

pharrell-williamsMiley Cyrus has been attracting lots of bad press due to her behaviour in recent weeks, but it appears as though one person in particular is defending her actions, and that person is Pharrell Williams.

Record producer Williams, 40, spoke to Details Magazine about the former Disney Star saying, “She’s just growing up, and she deserves her time and to do it her way.”

If you didn’t know Miley Cyrus was seen ‘grinding and twerking’ with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards at the end of August, and has since appeared in public in some clothes that leave little to the imagination. Her actions even resulted in Sinead O’Connor claiming she was “prostituting” herself in an open letter written by the Irish pop star.

Miley responded to the comments by Pharrell Williams by saying, “Recording in the studio he doesn’t ever play it cool. When we make magic together, we could like explode with how excited we are, and I think that’s the energy everyone gets from Pharrell.”

Some people, like Williams has done, will say Miley is just growing up and should be left alone, while others, like O’Connor, feel as though she should tone her behaviour down some what.

At the end of the day is Miley Cyrus behaving any differently to say Madonna 25 years ago, and how many youngsters of a similar age behave today?


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