Peter Andre Loves Being With New Girlfriend Emily MacDonagh Because She Is “Different”

Peter-AndrePeter Andre has been going out with his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh for nearly a year now, and things seem to be going really well for the couple. Andre has even admitted to missing Emily whilst he was on a family holiday in Cyprus with his two children Junior and Princess, and says he loves nothing more then being with someone who is “different”.

Speaking in New Magazine about MacDonagh, Andre said, “Things are going great and I’ve really missed her while I’ve been in Cyprus. Emily wasn’t able to join us as she’s studying for her exams, but, come to think of it, me being away for a few days was probably a blessing in disguise, she wouldn’t have had any distractions.”

Let’s hope that all of that studying paid off for Emily then, and let’s hope she passes those exams! As for Andre he is really enjoying life away from the cameras, and being with a non-celebrity. He said, “It’s good to be with someone outside of the industry. It’s so nice to be with someone who’s just different.”

There is a compliment in there somewhere, but we catch your drift Peter! Not sure Katie Price would agree with you, though she is certainly different but she just loves being the centre of attention unlike Peter and his new girlfriend Emily MacDonagh.


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