Peter Andre Buys His Son An Unusual Birthday Present

Peter-AndreWhen it comes to buying birthday presents for your eight year old son things like computer games and remote control cars are considered the norm. Not if your name is Peter Andre they’re not, as he has bought his son Junior a pet python for his birthday. Yes you read that right Peter Andre has bought his son a pet python for his 8th birthday.

Speaking to New Magazine Andre said, “I’ve organised a very special treat at the beginning of July for Junior, Princess and Harvey’s birthdays. They’re going to love it. Junior wanted a snake for his birthday, and I’ve now given him one.”

A snake really? When asked what type of snake it was Andre replied, “It’s a royal python, which is safe to own as a pet. Our place is going to be like a zoo, because Princess wants a hedgehog for her birthday, and I’m also getting Harvey some tree frogs because they’re his favourite animal!”

These children really are spoilt, but is buying an eight year old boy a snake considered a sensible present? Whatever happened to a good book, some coloured pencils and a colouring book! How the world has changed.


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