Peter Andre And Emily MacDonagh Still Undecided On Names For Three Week Old Daughter

Emily-and-PeterMost parents would have decided upon a name for their baby before it was born, and Peter Andre and Emily McDonagh were no different as they had a list of names for their new baby daughter, but three weeks on from the birth the couple are still undecided on what to call their new baby girl.

Speaking in his weekly column in New! Magazine Peter said, “We still haven’t got a name for the baby! We’d narrowed it down to a list of names, but when she was born, she didn’t look like any of them when we saw her! So we had to go back to the drawing board.”

As you would expect there has been lots of speculation as to what the couple have called their daughter, with the name Rebecca filling many column inches in magazines and gossip websites around the world. Peter was quick to dispel those rumours though as he said, “There was a story last week claiming we’d chosen the name Rebecca. It’s a lovely name but it’s not true. Emily’s mum’s name is Rebecca and because of my old traditions, that’s probably how they came up with it. We’ve still got four weeks left to decide, so she will have a name soon.”

You can guarantee the baby’s name will not be Katie, but other than that Peter Andre is giving very little away as to what his new daughter will be called. Any suggestions anyone?


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