Patti From ‘Matchmaker’ Loses Co-Star

Patti From ‘Matchmaker’ Loses Co-StarPatti Stanger, the star of ‘Millionaire Matchmaker,’ a show that appears on the Bravo network is losing one her her sidekicks. This seems to be a trend in reality television these days. Recently, Rachel Zoe, from the ‘Rachel Zoe Project” saw two of her assistants bolt from the show.

Maybe it’s a curse akin to the one that seems to target married couples. Married couples tend to break up after having their lives chronicled on realty TV. Well, anyhoo, back to the topic.

Patti Stanger’s assistant, Chelsea Autumn, has decided to leave the show and start-up a matchmaking agency of her own. She had worked with Stanger for nearly a decade, 8 years to be exact. Her new company will reportedly go by the name, ‘Queen of Hearts.”

Autumn is leaving the show because allegedly, Stanger abused her and gave her only minimal credit for her work. Her (Autumn’s) rep suggests that she may even receive her own show. Hmm, interesting. I applaud anyone who gets out of an “abusive” relationship.

If this is what she had been enduring for 8 years, I’m glad that she is getting out. However, I’m not too sure if I would watch her show. Patti’s show, on the other hand, I can’t get enough of. She definitely has a television personality. Her show is always entertaining. I enjoyed Autumn too, alongside Patti, but I’m not sure if I would enjoy her show on its on.


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