Paris Preferential Treatment at the DMV.

Now this one totally irritates us, but it does NOT surprise us..  so we’re filing it,… and her.. under Trivia.

Normal people get just one DMV photo..   not plastic  Paris.The folks  over at Santa Monica DMV said that Paris, the only girl in the world famous for doing absolutely nothing worthwhile with her life since it began, went to the DMV yesterday and posed for FIVE.. count em.. FIVE photos before liking one.

Her ass-istant called before hand and asked for special treatment so that this totally worthless breather of our air could spend extra time and tax payer dollars on five photos and  no waiting in line.. and the total morons in Santa Monica honored that idiocy.

Employees were told to turn off their cell phones so that no one could take a picture of the ultra famous airhead.

After last weeks literally tossing herself at the judge in her breach of contract trial, nothing really shocks us..   well we take that back.. social responsibility or a real job might do the trick.


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One Response to “Paris Preferential Treatment at the DMV.”

  1. billolive says:

    Come on now, she’s not TOTALLY worthless. I mean she sucks